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Automatic DIY Facial Fruit Mask Machine World Best Selling Beauty&personal Care

Automatic DIY Facial Fruit Mask Machine World Best Selling Beauty&personal Care

DIY fruit & vegetable mask, get refined internally and externally, beauty's best friend.

Automatic DIY Facial Fruit Mask Machine World best selling beauty&personal care

World best selling beauty&personal care products odm fruit mask machine

World best selling beauty&personal care products odm fruit mask machine

Slower Juicer with Mask Function Machine
Machine Size: 25x26x45cm1pc/whitebox/ctn/0.051CMB
Voltage:110-120v/220-240v Power:150W
Motor: DCN.W: 5kgs
Color Box:40x31x36CMFCL: 20'/ 588pcs (588ctns)
Carton Size:41x33x38CMFCL: 40'/1176pcs (1176ctns)

SENATOR reserves the right to adjust the price if the material cost and foreign exchange float over 5%


Product definition

Make juice

DIY fruit & vegetable mask, get refined internally and externally, beauty's best friend.

Natural fruit & vegetable mask

Put juice, water and collagen as per proportion into vessel, by warming technology inside the entirely sealed container, which ensures that molecular structure of collagen and fruit & vegetable won't be destroyed during warming, which will fuse collagen and effective constituent of fruit & vegetable, then form fire-new collagen molecular structure, combine membrane liquid which infuses into mask tray, after cool natural fruit & vegetable mask is born.


Function feature 

1. Dual function, not only make juice but also make fruit & vegetable mask.

2. Simple operation.

3. Economic and practical.

4. High juice rate, anti-oxidation and no layer, natural taste and flavour, more delicious and more nutrition.

5. Natural without any chemical.

6. Natural fruit & vegetable mask can prevent water evaporation, let nutrition permeate into skin sufficiently, skin will absorb overall nutrition and skin will be maintained and nourished effectively immediately.

Make mask procedure

1. 40% juice, 60% water, best of total volume is 70ml, not more than 80ml.

2. Press the key of mask.

3. Put 1-2 piece of collagen into drainage openingOnly one piece is enough if total volume is not more than 70ml.

4. Close drainage box, wait for some minutes.

5. When you heard the voice of DI, liquid begin to pour into mask tray

Cooperation Mode

OEM: Make your brand according to MOQ;

Distributor: If you have some channels to sell , Distributor could get the best price from us.

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