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No work?

Insert the plug right?

Please confirm if your assembly method is right. (Refer to page of product assembly) Please contact customer service center if you can’tresolve the question.

No good juice, no dry residues?

Insert yellow rubber gasket tightly?

Refer to correct assembly method of yellow rubber gasket in the pageof product assembly.Take unfresh materials which have been storagedin refrigerator for long time? Soak them in water over 10 minutes inadvance before juicing.

Shut down during working?

Put excessive materials? Put materials with hard core? Press on oppositerotation for 2-3 seconds, then press on normal rotation. If auger doesn’twork, please stop working, clean chamber in advance.

Creak voice during working?


No good mask? Not cohesive?

Formula proportion is wrong.

Temperature of mask liquid is low.

Method: (1) As per formula proportion in the manual strictly.

(2) Heater band works normally?

Mask is uneven?

Don’t put the machine on the flat surface? Don’t hold mask tray evenlywhen you take out mask tray.

Method: Put the machine on the flat surface, operate as per manual strictly.

Mask liquid leave out?

Don’t take out previous mask or don’t put mask tray.

Method: Please check mask tray and put mask tray into the machine before making.

Sudden power lost?

① No power

②Turn off plug accidently

Method: Please check if there is liquid inside through transparent window. If there isliquid inside please turn on switch, press cleaning key after repetition, make maskagain after cleaning. If power lost is for long time, please take out drainage box toclean, which will prevent solidified liquid.