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Conditions of high temperature silicone rubber cable
Dec 14, 2015

High temperature silicone rubber cable (silicone cable) conditions of use? Advantage:

1, the product of long-term operating temperature of -60 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃

2, multi-core cable voltage test finished products should be subject to 50Hz, the test voltage 2000V5min test.

3, in the long-term use in wet conditions, electrical properties and waterproof, frost performance will be superior.

4, bending performance, minimum bend radius is 16 times the cable diameter, softness, mobile use.

5, excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, aging resistance, ozone, water and other

High temperature silicone rubber cable (silicone cable) conditions of use

Usage: suitable for AC rated voltage 750V or less variety of mobile, electrical equipment connected, widely used in metallurgy me, steel, metallurgy, aviation, petrochemical, power generation, industrial and other high-temperature environments.

Disadvantages: slightly lower than the aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, flame retardant properties to achieve the same need to pay more. But its greatest feature is the high heat resistance, both thermal conductivity, acid and alkali, high heat resistance made of functional materials can improve product value.

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