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Odor double twenty-five curatives
Dec 14, 2015

After using silica gel double twenty-five curing agent curing kneading silicone mold is pressed out of the products are dirty and smelly, this situation should be taken to resolve a variety of means.

In using silica gel double twenty-five curing agent process, adding a vulcanizing agent in the wrong order or mixing time is not enough, easily formed on the surface of silicone products in granular, therefore, the operator should be familiar with the curing agent double twenty-five conditions of use and use of standards, proper operation, in order to avoid these problems.

For odor problems after using silica gel double twenty-five curing agent, should strict selection of high-quality silicone double twenty-five, Guangzhou Cheung Trading Agency Aksu, powerful double twenty-five curing agent, welcome to inquire.

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