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Platinum silicone bags, functional lot
Dec 14, 2015

Platinum silicone is cured by cross-linking reaction product of platinum catalyzed silicone polymer materials and the resulting cross-linking agent.

Platinum silicone bag products can withstand a temperature of -51 ℃ to 204 ℃ to withstand freezing, heating, high baking temperatures.

The thermal stability of this material, chemical stability to be better than most other plastic. Flexible silicone is also more than polyolefin plastics, not to mention also has good electrical insulation properties.

Further, platinum catalytic platinum silicone reaction process does not produce byproducts small molecule, to ensure this bag of BPA, titanate and other harmful substances from safety.

For example outdoor use, after the home cooked food into platinum silicone bag frozen, until campground remove the plastic bag into the pot when the water heating.

Again at home, use the bag when the pot, with its water heating to cook curries, soups, oats and other foods (home brother sister house who cook instant noodles on the fast ah!).

Summer comes, but also use it to pick picking plum in full bloom, which directly made mashed Plum jam, province except Huanpen trouble changing pot utensils.

Not as good as a bag of iced plum juice more simply.

Users can safely put it in freezer, microwave, pot, dishwasher and so on. It can be reused as long as the wash.

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