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Silicone kitchenware to market new favorite
Dec 14, 2015

Recently, China's production of new export cookware - silicone cookware and bakeware is very popular in the US market, overseas customers for such non-metallic green silicone products are very interested, and large orders.

Silicone cookware as a new kitchen utensils, with soft, does not damage the non-stick coating, etc., in line with the US FDA certification, it is widely used in the world. Compared with plastic cutlery not heat, silicone cookware can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature and can maintain the original shape, the future of this new silicone cookware is likely to replace traditional iron cookware, to be accepted by consumers around the world.

In order to ensure the safety of export products so that these new silicone products meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the domestic and foreign, Chinese inspection and quarantine agencies to strengthen the quality and safety of their supervision, in strict accordance with the requirements of the US FDA inspection, and careful attention to such products in the United States acrylonitrile monomer and Pb content control requirements. At the same time, also implemented a supervisory control system manufacturers of raw materials and production process filing critical control points, from the source control, concern the procurement and use of raw materials, new product design and testing, production process execution, business equipment and technical capabilities, exports and other aspects of quality and safety information to ensure that exports comply with regulatory requirements of the importing country.

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