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Baby Silicone Products Product Good
Dec 14, 2015

How to ensure BB tableware, appliances, security do most people only know the cleaning and disinfecting, while ignoring fundamental - Material safety. BB supplies generally be plastic, silicone, stainless steel and other shatterproof material, and "entrance" Most of the products will be using silica gel, such as silica gel bottles, pacifiers silicone rubber, silicone rubber toothbrush ...... why these common "portal" to the BB supplies silicone choose it? other materials is not safe? below we will explain one by one.

Let the baby grow up healthy, we must prevent the "disease from the mouth", not only to ensure the safety of the food itself, but also to ensure clean cutlery. Bottles, pacifiers, food bowl, spoon and so on, and even toys, as long as the baby may be placed in the mouth stuff, we can not ignore the security.