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Blow Mold Temperature Setting
May 19, 2017

The principle of mould temperature control is the temperature setting of blow moulding mould, which ensures that the product has higher performance, Blow Mold better dimensional stability, shorter forming period, lower energy consumption and less waste.

In order to ensure the quality of products, mold temperature should be evenly distributed, but also in the cooling process to receive uniform cooling products, Blow Mold mold temperature generally maintained at 20-50 degrees. Low mold temperature will make the plastic at the mouth of the extension of the reduction, not blowing, and make the product in this part of the thickening, at the same time make molding difficult, the contour and pattern of the product is not clear. High temperature, long cooling time, longer cycle. Blow Mold At this point, if the cooling is not enough, will also cause the product demoulding deformation, shrinkage, Blow Mold the surface matte. The height of the mold temperature depends on the variety of plastics, when the glass temperature of the plastic is high, the higher mold temperature can be adopted, while the other is to reduce the mould temperature as far as possible.

During the extrusion blow molding process, Blow Mold the expansion of Parison and the cooling of the product are synchronized. The blowing time of parison is almost equal to the cooling time of the product except for the very short discharge time.

The length of cooling time directly affects the performance and production efficiency of the products. The uneven cooling will make the shrinkage rate of all parts of the product different, resulting in product warping, bottlenecks and other phenomena.

In order to prevent plastic deformation caused by elastic recovery, the cooling time of blow moulding products is generally longer. Usually the 1 3 2 3 of the molding cycle, Blow Mold the length of the cooling time depends on the shape of the plastic variety and the product. (Get more blow-molding knowledge!) Please pay attention to the "Blow moulding machine" micro-letter public platform, micro-letter search Kingle, Blow Mold such as the low thermal conductivity of polyethylene, in the same case, the same thickness of the polypropylene requires a longer cooling time, usually with the product wall thickness increase, cooling time is prolonged.

(1) It is related to the type of plastic, Blow Mold the different melt temperature of the material is different, the melt temperature of the material is high, it takes longer cooling time.

(2) It is related to the size, Blow Mold shape and thickness of the molded product, and the products with complex shape, large volume and thick wall need longer cooling time.

(3) It is related to the thermal conductivity of the material selected by the blow molding die, the structure of the clamp edge and the exhaust of the die.

(4) It is related to the design of the cooling channel of blow moulding mould.

(5) It is related to the temperature of blow molding die and the precision of mould temperature control.

(6) related to the cooling inlet temperature and flow rate, the inlet temperature of cooling water is high, the flow is small, and the cooling time is long.

(7) It is related to the blowing pressure and air volume.

(8) It is related to the type of inner cooling, the temperature and pressure of the inner cooling medium.

(9) related to the type of post cooling