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Cots Run Beating Caused Reasons
Dec 14, 2015

Cots then run beating the reasons in the end what is it? We will have to wear a scrap of old rubber rollers mounted on the coating machine test run results this old rubber rollers running smoothly, did not produce a big jump, which indicates that the main reason for the new larger cot is still running in the beating that the existence of quality defects Cots itself. On this basis, we conducted in-depth understanding and analysis, and finally determine the main reason for this new beat Cots generated in the operation is the presence of mass eccentricity cot. Cots mass eccentricity if the roll does not get rid of, unbalanced force generated during operation will certainly arouse Cots beating. Take regular production process and quality control, we should be in the process of production of rubber rollers, static equilibrium by the school or school balancing and other measures to ensure the quality of the rubber roller eccentric defect does not exist, so it will not generate an imbalance in use beat.