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How To Improve Fitness Spinning Cot?
Dec 14, 2015

Cots fitness spinning cotton spinning enterprises has been the focus of attention, direct impact on product quality, but also one of the key factors causing uneven yarn rate, regularity defects and more. Cots choice, production, surface treatment and maintenance is also very important for businesses, netizens have also been discussed, let us listen to their views.

Selection Cots

Roller according to hardness Category: General can be divided into high hardness, hardness and low hardness (elasticity is better) rollers.

Generally spun cotton, roving before spinning can choose 70 degrees to 80 degrees Cots, chemical fiber depending on the variety, thickness, and quality requirements of yarn selection Cots hardness, for high yarn should be soft grasp; and Article spun cotton generally choose 80 degrees around the rubber roller, delivery speed can be increased when high hardness; usually selected about 85 degrees when the rubber roller and blended spinning chemical fiber varieties; when combing, separating rubber roller hardness is generally 65 degrees to 70 degrees, the guide Cots 85 degrees, before drawing one, two rubber rollers generally used from 65 degrees to 70 degrees, 85 degrees after Cots choice; delivery speed is relatively high, use the higher hardness of rubber roller, or prone to fatigue deformed high-speed operation, fever with flowers produce static phenomenon, usually a choice of 80 degrees to 85 degrees cot high speeds. - Weijun Hu

Cotton yarn spun at high, generally choose soft rolls, cotton spinning coarse yarn, when selecting the hard rubber rollers C yarn, chemical fiber spinning hard rubber rollers and strip draft optional hard rubber roller, 80 degrees ~ 82 degrees.