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Sheet Metal Bending And Exhibition Usually
May 19, 2017

Sheet metal bending and exhibition at ordinary times, the side of the material will be elongated, one side is compressed, affected by the factors are: material type, material thickness, material heat treatment and bending angle.

1. The sheet material is subjected to tensile stress in the bending process, the inner layer is subjected to compressive stress, Sheet Metal and there is a transition layer which is neither tensile nor pressure from pull to pressure, which is called the neutral layer. The neutral layer remains unchanged as the length of the bending process, so the neutral layer is the benchmark for calculating the expansion length of the bending piece.

2. The position of the neutral layer is related to the degree of deformation, when the bending radius is larger and the bending angle is small, Sheet Metal the deformation degree is small, and the neutral layer is near the center of the sheet thickness; When the bending radius becomes smaller and the bending angle increases, the degree of deformation increases, and the position of the neutral layer moves toward the inner part of the bending center gradually. The distance from the neutral layer to the inside of the sheet is expressed in λ.

1. Check. The car through the sheet metal, first check to do the place, side to see reflective, there is uneven place with the sheet metal, first with 150 of sandpaper polished, grinding range beyond the concave and convex part of the five centimeters, do not use 60 60 too thick, on the back of the process.

2, fill the dust, to the place of grinding the first fill of ashes, notice, the place where the iron is first thin scraping a sheet of dust and then scraping the putty. Sheet Metal Fill the ash do not exceed the grinding range, the general distance grinding edge of two centimeters around the best, convenient and rapid grinding, it is worth mentioning that the beginner to fill the place a little higher, and then the gray edge scraping thin, skilled can ignore

3, sanding, completion of the first ash, to make sure that the pits have been filled before the beginning of grinding, mill in the Ashes 15 minutes after the start, Sheet Metal do not wait for ash dry, so difficult to grind. Dry grinding must wait for ash to dry thoroughly. Beginners are advised to study the mill first. First with 150 sandpaper to the edge of the gray grinding out, and then the overall grinding flat, if the ash is too thick, 60 polished, but do not grind to the gray side, 60 grinding flat again with 150 over, look at the gray side, with the polished before the flat, Gray flat.

4. Grinding paint surface, grinding paint first judge, determine that will not be sprayed out of color difference, with 800 grinding, estimated color difference, Sheet Metal with 1500 grinding, 1500 sanding must be polished, that is, polished finish, there is no light on the paint surface, there is no light to wear. Why the difference between 800 and 1500 I will explain in detail later.

5. To fill the sand hole with sandpaper road, before using 150 polished place with polished paint surface left small with reflective pits, and then with the atomic ash to scrape again, this time the ash to pressure scraping, fill the scope to cover all 150 polished range. This ash to wait for dry to be polished, with nails lightly scrape, scratches white can be polished.

6. Polishing, to fill the sand hole with sandpaper road ash with 240 polished, and then 400 of sandpaper to the polished flat place over a times

7. Spray primer or scraping red ash, to the gray place to fill the final, whether spray primer or scraping red ash, edge must be pressed with the board grinding, Sheet Metal so that there is no gray print, with 800 or 1000 polished, 600 do not recommend the use of 600 sandpaper road too big, the impact of the perfect, the primer polished smooth, red ash as far as possible, that is, basic grinding only left with sandpaper road and sand holes and gray side a little red ash, the other place is atomic ash. Red Ash if left large will lead to paint off, foaming ... Have to leave a large area of red and gray, with a baking lamp Sheet Metal baking heat, after the cooling before grinding, after grinding again with a baking lamp to bake again, this can increase the adhesion of red and gray, reduce the chance of paint or foaming.

8. Wash the car, the need to paint the part and the partial cleaning clean

9. The water is pasted newspaper or the water is blown to cover the paper, blowing water to all side seam dry, stickers do not stick to the side, there is a side of the place to leave a little out, plus a paper tape welt, painting finished immediately tear off the paper tape, so that the spray will not have a side.