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Silicone Advantage In The Medical Industry Applications
Dec 14, 2015

First of all, the performance of silicone rubber is a very traffic analysis reporting medical materials, artificial materials used for medical cost comparison is relatively low silica, practicality, it is not prone to rejection reflected the human body does not have any harmful biological ability to adapt, and do not stick together with the body's capillaries.

Second, silicone rubber products have this good medical characteristics, colorless, non-toxic, high temperature oxidation resistance, Rouran, transparency characteristic of higher silica products can be solved by good medical problems, patients with unmet medical effect.

In addition, the silicone has clotting properties; toxicity test results meet the medical requirements; clinical applications biocompatibility, and no cause distortion effect, no allergic reaction; has excellent toughness and flexibility, processing performance, various processing methods, the production of various kinds of medical material of choice elastomer products; with excellent wear resistance, soft touch, moisture resistance, a variety of chemical properties.

Finally, medical silicone rubber products can also be used in the production of artificial heart valves, artificial lung, bone adhesives, artificial skin, burn dressings, cardiac pacemakers insulated wire, thread, various splints, catheters, grafts, trachea , dental materials, insert material, family planning supplies.