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Silicone Heating Film Material?
Dec 14, 2015

The silicone heating material

Silicone heating piece of flexible, more easy to close to the heated objects, and shape can change with demand design heating, in this way, can make heat transfer to any required place. Generally the plane of the heating element with carbon as the main ingredient, and silicone heater is after arrangement of nickel alloy resistance wire, so can be at ease use. And the planar heater with requirements can be produced into various shapes.

2, silicone heating characteristics

(1), excellent physical strength and softness of the silicone electrothermal film performance; Give the electrothermal to external forces, can make the electric heating element and heated objects good contact; Can break through the traditional "hard" characteristics of the heater, convenient and close to the heated object, provide a efficient uniform heating surface area of large temperature difference is small.

(2), the main design features: can change with requirements designed planar shape, strip and with additional accessories, including three-dimensional shape, also can be reserved various openings for easy installation.