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Silicone Rubber Is Suitable For Waterproofing Paint
Dec 14, 2015

Silicone waterproof coating is a water dispersion medium water emulsion waterproof coating, polymer network structure formed after curing dehydration. After brushing waterproof coating various substrates surface, along with infiltration and evaporation, particle density increases water loss of mobility, when the drying process continues, we continue to lose excess moisture, emulsion particles contact with each other gradually gather in crosslinking Under agents, catalyst, ongoing crosslinking reaction, forming a uniform, dense rubber elastic continuous film.

Silicone waterproof coating combines excellent performance both waterproof paint coating waterproof coating and permeable silicone rubber waterproof coating has good water resistance, permeability, film, elasticity, adhesion and resistance to high temperature. Silicone waterproof coating Adapts deformation ability, can penetrate the grassroots and grass-roots firmly bonded, cold construction, can scratch, can brush can be sprayed, easy operation, film speed, can be applied over damp grass-roots, non-toxic, odorless, nonflammable, safe and reliable, it can be formulated into a variety of colors waterproof coating to facilitate repair. "Silicone Rubber" is really waterproof paint in the "fighter", the following nine positive building materials network to follow along to see its characteristics and nutritional range it!