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Silicone Rubber Widely Used In The Medical Industry
Dec 14, 2015

Now the medical device industry for medical materials liquid silicone rubber exhibits preference. Some users because it is different from allergic rubber, liquid silicone rubber has low sensitivity. Liquid silicone does not contain phthalates in PVC, plasticizers in this experiment were found to disrupt the endocrine system and damage the reproductive and nervous systems.

The same properties of the liquid silicone rubber chemically inert and temperature resistant, it has a very long shelf time and life. Silicone supplier of raw materials should be processed in a recommendation within six months, but in fact casting components containing silicone rubber can be stored indefinitely, even though the mold workers recommend a maximum storage time is three years. This medical material durability to extend the life of the corresponding medical device, so that manufacturers and end users will benefit.