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Silicone Shape The 21st Century, Environmental Protection And New Creative Edible Bottles
Dec 14, 2015

According to the British "Mirror" reported the London Royal College of Art and Imperial College graduate Rodrigo Gonzalez designed a silicone rubber spherical bottle, global design forum called "disposable plastic water bottles Terminator" and it is listed in the "five ideas that changed the world" list.

The product, called "Ooho", shaped like jellyfish or breast augmentation material - silicone, this bottle is composed of silicone gel, an edible film made of biodegradable. Even if you do not want to eat this "bottle", throw it does not have negative effects on the environment.

Food grade silicone has been widely used in all aspects of daily life, our sales edible grade silicone products (also known as edible grade silicon rubber) Blue Star HCR4400 series, the production of demanding the best choice for food or medical products, and the series food grade silicone with food and medical regulations in Europe and the United States.