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Our Service


Meeting Your Custom Design Needs of Plastic Enclosure and Non-standard aluminum parts.

Earnest employs a team of top experienced designers and engineers to develop custom molds and products on the market for our customers.

Our ability to create CAD designs and detailed engineering drawings from a concept or sketch is very systematic. Earnest uses state-of-the-art, industry-standard 3D software to design your plastic enclosure and non-standard aluminum parts. By converting CAD drawings to 3D images, our software experts can offer you a preview of the completed product fabrication.

We integrate Mold Flow Analysis Software into our plastic product design process. It helps us predict the potential defects before the plastic product get molded thus save your money and improve the quality.

As an experienced manufacturing company in designing and fabricating metal components, we’re also able to reduce cost, minimize lead times, improve usability and ensure quality.

What Kind of Products We Bring to Market?

>Electronic housings

>Automotive interior parts

>Medical device

>Outdoor sports equipment

And more...


(Handle Enclosure)(Aluminum Enclosure)

2. Plastic Enclosure From Prototype to Mass Production

We have a fully integrated manufacturing facility for the manufacture of plastic enclosure parts for the electronic housings,furniture,Auto parts and Medical device industries.  The manufacturing services include CNC machining,Injection mold, packaging and assembly.

Getting the idea designed, prototype, engineered as well as the manufacturers tooling costs and other items all add up. Whilst we focus on keeping these costs low,and provide design suggestion to reduce the production cost in maximal degree.

The plastic material we use include:


Here are the production flow for your custom products:

(1) Prototype

China Earnest provides high quality prototype manufacturing services that are perfect to turn your design to real product.

Prototyping is an necessary part to verify if the concept design is correct before proceeding to manufacture and a working prototype of your design is a better chance to show your potential investors. But how to choose a process method to get a prototype?there are some type of prototypes from different technology, including CNC milling, 3D printing and vacuum casting. Which one is right for your prototype will depend on your end goal for the product idea.

Here are some process methods for your plastic prototype

1-1 CNC machining/Turning

--Functional verification requirements

There are many advantages to use CNC Machining.

If you want to verify the function of the product as well as the surface effect, CNC machining and turning for rapid prototype is better optional.

Because it ensure the requirements of the product sizes,function and the material will be consistent with the batch production.


--Structural verification requirements

This prototype from 3D printing can’t be exactly same as the final mass production of the product, but it can make sure the product size and structure,Also will provide a shorter lead time and more favorable cost.

1-2 Vacuum Casting

--Silicone rubber prototype.

If you choose the material is silicone rubber,Vacuum casting can fulfill the requirement.

(2) Injection production for plastic enclosure

Plastic injection molding

What is injection moulding and how does injection moulding work?

Injection molding and extrusion production is one of the main processes in the production of plastic products. This is a fast process for producing a large number of identical items from high-precision engineering parts to one-time consumer goods.

Most thermoplastics can be processed by injection moulding; the most common materials used include:

· Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene ABS

· Nylon PA

· Polycarbonate PC

· Polypropylene PP

Plastic injection molding can meet the needs of large volume and minimize unit cost,China Earnest offer mold design service and product design suggestions in mass production,so that it can reduce a lot of production cost and get high quality plastic parts.

3.Customize Non-Standard Aluminum Parts

Here are several points we should consider before choosing material, This involves the technology of production, the shaping, the heat treatment and the surface treatment of the product. For example, Aluminum fabrication that produced by die casting mold cannot anodize the surface, had better extrusion mold; Then the operating environment must be carefully considered. In a saltwater environment, ferrous metals and some Aluminum alloys corrode quickly. Last but far from least,Its production cost would affect the process, such as CNC small quantity cost more than other ways; so quantity determines process that control the cost.

CNC Machine

1.Our equipment

We have eight CNC vertical machining centers with varying capacity and spindle measurements, 5 set different heavy duty turning lathes, and threading equipment to meet your custom machining needs in our machine shop.

2.CNC Service

CNC machining parts, though slow and costly, has long been used as a prototyping method. Use 3D drawing to programme , Make sure many lines as a single vector entity, However while clients send us the drawing that a series of broken entities like arcs or lines, it cannot work at all. During quota the machining parts,Engineer must check the drawing or modify it ;

Engineer should get to know your product’s function and assemble need; Most of client will purchase the product from different suppliers , Different factories has its own testing standard ,So we will offer a table to you before production,  first to fully understand the good performance of customer requirements ,such as where is the most important elements for assembling , a CNC prototype must accurately reflect the finished product and be flexible and strong enough to undergo testing or display. Finding out what elements will work best for your business is just the first step.


Short-run metal stamping are popular practical for specialty products when it’s not stable to invest a large amount of money. In general , Use stamping mold to make product’s shape, and then according to client’s design or product structure, combine CNC machine ,drill machine and other machine;

A stamping press, consisting of a die and a punch, shapes the deep drawn parts. A part is considered “deep drawn” whenever the length or depth of the shape exceeds one-half of the part's diameter. Stamping Mold Services can create parts in different sizes and shapes, based on your designs. It is worth mentioning that big size or shape product had better not use stamping mold with short-run quantity.

Stamping Dies Problems & Solutions

We have a experienced working team , more than 20 working years, Meet several different situation about the stamping mold, Strict QC system and Pre-analyse reduce the occurrence of problems; such as The cracking of mold’s steel or Punching Pin will break while over pressure. Engineer will hold a production meeting each month, review all cases and find out the problems.