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Product Design

Meeting Your Custom Design Needs of Plastic and Metal Products. 

Earnest employs a team of top experienced designers and engineers to develop  custom molds and products on the market for our customers.

Our ability to create CAD designs and detailed engineering drawings from a concept or sketch is very systematic. Earnest uses state-of-the-art, industry-standard 3D software to design your plastic and metal project. By converting CAD drawings to 3D images, our software experts can offer you a preview of the completed product fabrication. 

We integrate Mold Flow Analysis Software into our plastic product design process. It helps us predict the potential defects before the plastic product get molded thus save your money and improve the quality. 

As an experienced manufacturing company in designing and fabricating metal components, we’re also able to reduce cost, minimize lead times, improve usability and ensure quality.

What Kind of Products We Bring to Market?

>Electronic housings

>Automotive interior parts

>Medical device

>Outdoor sports equipment

And more...

ABS enclosure.png                      Webcam cover for smartphone.png  

     ABS enclosure                                          Webcam cover

Plastic handler.png                        RFID casing.png  

     Plastic handler                                         RFID casing

Machined steel pin.png                        Aluminum enclosure.png 

    Machined steel pin                                    Aluminum enclosure

Why Companies Choose Earnest for Product Designs and Manufacturing Needs?

Our objectives are “inter-dependence, mutual benefits”. Earnest engineers and designers are glad to work with you to design and develop your plastic or metal components. By email or video meeting, we discuss your product idea in detail to gain a clear understanding of what function the product fulfills, and whom the product is for. Combining with your requirements of budget cost, timescale, packaging design and so on, we can create an attractive solution to meet all your needs.

In order to ensure the high quality and cost effectiveness, we focus on three major areas of product technology.


→ In-house 3D design with Solid Works to model and visualize your molded and machined components.

→ BOM Guidance in proper material selection to meet your performance and cost requirements.

→ Advice on mold tooling options, and design for manufacture.


What Can We Do for You?

1.Offer cost effective design options.

2.Reduce lead time and get you to market faster.

3.Ensure good quality.